The United States government’s President and Vice President are the White House’s #1 priority when it comes to protection. There are a lot of similarities between how the government protects its assets and how businesses should protect theirs.

The White House staff spends time evaluating what information and data matter the most to the country. You should do the same. You can’t treat all data in the same way. What files and information are the most important to YOUR business?

The government knows that the President and Vice President are the White House’s “Most Valuable Assets.” What are your most valuable assets? Take the time now to know what data and information represent your “POTUS” and “V-POTUS.”

What if the worst happens? The White House replays attacks on countries around the world and assumes it’s the US getting attacked. What would their strategy be? You should implement the same strategy planning in your business. What will you do when digital disaster strikes? Make these plans now.

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