System Patching & Maintenance

What does System Patching and Maintenance entail?

System maintenance is an umbrella term that incorporates several preventative and corrective measures that are implemented in business IT. For example, malware and virus scanning and removal, performance diagnostics and endpoint protection are all a part of general system maintenance. All of these tasks should be performed regularly to guarantee the health and security of your business technology.

A patch is an update to a computer program or system to improve performance and fix existing flaws like security vulnerabilities, bugs or other operational errors. Patching is an important part of general system maintenance; installing patches as they are issued can extend the lifespan of current systems and optimize performance, meaning your business can go longer between tech upgrades.

Why is System Patching and Maintenance beneficial?

Regular system patching and maintenance improves the security and functionality of your business network. Patches sometimes include new features that improve productivity, while general system maintenance can minimize your network’s exposure to dangerous viruses and malicious third-parties. Overall, system patching and maintenance is one of the most effective ways to maintain business continuity and run a robust IT infrastructure.

Why should I have PCI perform my System Patching and Maintenance?

The key to effective system patching and maintenance is to do it regularly and correctly. The fact of the matter is, most small and mid-sized business owners can’t devote their time to researching available patches, performing diagnostics, anti-virus scanning and all the other system maintenance procedures necessary to run a strong business network.  Our remote IT support allows you to focus on daily operations with the knowledge that your business network is in expert hands.

At PCI, our tech engineers stay abreast of all the latest patches and system updates. We thoroughly vet all releases to assure business continuity and peak performance of your computer network.  With our remote managed services, your business will receive regular system maintenance that includes all the performance diagnostics, cyber security and endpoint protection services that your network needs.

Are you ready to improve your business PCI’s System Patching and Maintenance?

We’re ready to create effective IT solutions that meet the needs of your business. To get started, just ask our experts how we can help improve your business with vigilant system patching and maintenance. Don’t worry, there’s no commitment necessary – we provide the quality service we’d like to receive ourselves. When you reach out to us for help, we’ll take the time to discuss your current situation and help you make smart decisions as you move forward with your business tech. Let’s get started today!

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