You know you need a server for your business, but do you really understand why? In this article, we go over some of the benefits of having a business server.

Data Backup, Security and Recovery

Most businesses have at least one dedicated server for storing data from multiple workstations. In effect, this data server acts as a centralized hard drive (a data storage device) for the desktop computers connected to it. Each workstation can access and save to the server, which creates a daily backup of information.

If a coworker accidentally deletes a file or a workstation PC fails, the information is available and readily recoverable within the server. Similarly, if a mobile device like a phone or work laptop is stolen or damaged, the work files will be secure within the business network.

Ease of Access and Share-ability

Many businesses also use this server as a centralized location for peripheral devices like printers or scanners. They route these devices through the server so that everyone in the office can access them from their individual desktop computers.

Similarly, software can be installed on the server, eliminating the need to buy multiple copies for every workstation that needs it. The software can be shared to each desktop PC via user licenses that are sold by the software company. These licenses grant access to the software installed on the server instead of running that software on the PC itself.

Maximized Time, Profits and Performance

Running these devices and programs through a remote server allows each workstation to maintain its own processing speed and memory storage separately from the demands of the software, because that burden is shouldered by the server. This optimizes the performance and shelf-life of your other technology, saving money, time and effort!

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