Cloud File Sharing

Cloud File Sharing is the perfect solution for businesses that need files to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Working from home, on the road, or on your phone, tablet or laptop is seamless with the mobility and ease of access enabled by cloud file sharing.

A dynamic workplace that moves with you

Employees can easily access work files from anywhere, on any device, be it a home desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Seamless collaboration

Files are shareable and updated in real-time, making group projects and remote collaboration easier than ever before.

Restore data

Files uploaded to the cloud file sharing system are accessible and retrievable via the cloud, even if they’ve been deleted off of a PC or mobile device.

Why should PCI assist me with Cloud File Sharing?

Any new system can have a learning curve, and that means taking valuable time out of you and your employees’ day to adjust to Cloud File Sharing.

At PCI, we try to make this transition as painless and expedient as possible by providing rapid support from knowledgeable IT technicians and engineers who can troubleshoot and resolve any issues quickly.

Our chief priority is to keep your technology in its proper role – as a tool that enables success for your business, NOT another headache! We will transition your team to the cloud, ensure that your Cloud File Sharing application is working properly and be there to guide your team through any hitches they may find in the process.

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