You know you’re guilty of it: using the same password for everything. Believe me, I understand how annoying it is to try and remember all those passwords; and if you’re using the same password for sites that don’t share sensitive information, like a login to a news feed you like to read, then it’s generally okay.

HOWEVER, the ONE password you want to keep unique is your e-mail password.

If an e-commerce site you’ve registered at or bought from gets hacked – and you’ve used the SAME password you usually use for everything to register at the site – you can pretty much bet hackers are going to gain access to your inbox. They’ll have your e-mail and your password to the e-commerce site and will use that to hack in. From there, they’ll have fertile ground for getting all your data and other passwords. So why make it easy for them?

There are a number of password applications that will keep track of your passwords for you with the added protection of encryption, so you can use strong, complex passwords without having to remember them yourself. This way, you can have a unique password for every account that is robust and impersonal (not relying on words, special dates or other guess-able clues).

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