There are thousands of hackers who get up every morning with ONE goal in mind: to find a new vulnerability in a commonly installed software (like Adobe, Flash or QuickTime) to access your computer. That’s why these companies frequently issue patches and updates for KNOWN security bugs; and once a KNOWN vulnerability is announced via a patch, hackers get to work like crazy trying to figure out how to use the vulnerability and access those users who are lazy about installing updates. That’s why it’s important to update installed software programs as soon as possible.

Updating can get a little tricky though. Not all patches are created equal; sometimes a patch will be released with bugs that negatively impact the performance and compatibility of your software. That’s why, if you have the time and a little know-how, we recommend researching the contents of upgrades and patches to verify that they won’t interfere with other programs on your computer.

Of course, if you’re a client of ours, we’re monitoring your network for these updates and handling them for you; but your home computers, smartphone and other devices that may NOT be under our protection probably need a little attention, so remember to always scrutinize new patches and keep your systems up to date to protect your data.

If you’d like to leave your updates in the hands of professionals, contact us at 914-934-9775 and ask our representative how we can help you manage updates and patches for your systems.