Email Archiving

What is Email Archiving?

Email archiving is when all the email to or from an individual is preserved and searchable. Email archiving captures email content either from the email application or as it’s sent. The email messages are then indexed and stored on magnetic disk storage, a device in your PC that uses a magnetization process to write and access data.

Why use Email Archiving?

There are several benefits to email archiving for any business. The first is that email archiving reduces the storage demands on your “live” server. Email systems create a significant amount of mailbox data which can, over time, decrease the performance of your server. Furthermore, a backup of all this mailbox data is also required for virtually any business with basic disaster protection protocols in place. Restoring that data will take some time, and may become an unnecessary headache during incidental data loss. So not only is your email data needlessly wasting storage space on your server, but recovering it could potentially be a time-consuming endeavor when stress is the last thing you’d need.

Email archiving eliminates these issues. By using a third-party archiving system, storage requirements are greatly reduced. With smaller mailbox storage requirements, users can access their archived email messages directly in their mailbox or through a web-browser. Not only does this improve the performance of your email server, but it also hastens the backup and restoration times of your disaster protection solutions.

It’s also worth noting the benefit of Email Archiving for industries where adherence to state/federal retention policies is required. Email archiving can help speed up an audit or ensure proper compliance of regulations within finance, healthcare or legal sectors.

What is the difference between “Archiving” and “Backup”?

The difference lies in the prioritization of each solution. The chief priorities of any backup solution are business continuity and fast data recovery. Backup solutions enable quick and painless restoration of your data in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

On the other hand, email archiving prioritizes the long-term storage and search-ability of data using descriptive filters and targeted search parameters. Although archived email messages are recoverable in the event of a disaster, archiving is not as robust as data backup in terms of quick recovery. Email archives are meant to house data that will not likely need to be accessed all at once for hasty recovery.

Are you ready to improve your business with Email Archiving?

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