The ONLY thing you should use your company’s workstation or PC for is…WORK! Never mix personal web surfing and social media with company devices. If you want to check your Hotmail account or Facebook page, do it during your lunch break and on YOUR personal device. Over 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day. If you’re using a company device to access a compromised account, you’re opening up a door to a hacker who can then get into your company’s network via your e-mail or PC. Bottom line, don’t use company PCs, devices, phones or Internet for PERSONAL use.

Many people often think, “I’m going to a trusted website, it’s not inappropriate, it’ll be fine.” WRONG! You simply can’t foresee an illicit popup or newly launched malware, even if you’ve been to the site before. For example, your personal device may have protections in place to block threats that your work computer is vulnerable against. So, while you’ve never seen a threat from this website before, you may be exposed to it now that you’re using a different network.

The repercussions for infecting your employer’s network are two-fold. Not only could you catch the blame for bringing down the network, but you’ll also be penalized for doing personal work during business hours. It’s simply NOT WORTH IT to jeopardize your livelihood when there are simple and effective alternatives available.

Connecting your personal device to the business network comes with its own dangers. If your business doesn’t have secure endpoint protection and stringent network security, connecting your personal device to the network may create a vulnerability that will lead hackers straight to your office data. To play it extra-safe, don’t connect your personal device to the network at all if you can avoid it, especially if you are aware of lax cyber security policies and procedures within your organization. The business may suffer a breach one day, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR FAULT.

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