Dark Web Monitoring

Passwords, usernames, and email addresses are among the most valuable assets traded on the dark web by hackers.

We monitor the dark web for your credentials to stay one step ahead of hackers and protect your business from devastating data breaches.

Know when your data has been compromised.

Get alerted the moment your credentials are found on the dark web. We comb the dark web for your email addresses, usernames, and passwords. If your credentials have been compromised, we respond lightning fast to fortify your business against targeted cyber attacks.


of cyberattacks target small businesses.

Average cost of a data breach for small to mid-sized businesses.


of businesses are unprofitable within 1 month of being breached.

Sources: National Cybersecurity Alliance, Ponemon Institute, Better Business Bureau.

Unrivaled Threat Prevention


Human and artificial intelligence

Cutting-edge search capabilities scour the dark web more thoroughly than our leading competitors.


Deploy in minutes

Get fast, effective oversight across your entire network almost instantaneously.


Threat prediction

We identify theft patterns long before they become trends to keep your business a step ahead of cybercriminals.


Proactive measures prevent harm

We know the moment a threat is detected and respond immediately.


Real-time validated data

We only present you with verified data evidence to justify any additional security measures.


Minimize risk

Extensive logging and reporting let us track incidents and create effective policies that minimize future risk.

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