The Impact on Business

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic continues to spread in Westchester County, New York City and Connecticut.  Consequently, state and local governments may impose a mandatory shut down of local businesses. Shutdowns have no estimated end date, which can devastate any business not prepared to operate remotely for an extended period. As such, business owners need to consider how their businesses will continue operating when all employees must work from home.

CDC Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that employers develop an outbreak plan to be able to respond in a flexible way to varying levels of severity. Their recommended actions are as follows:

  • Encourage employees to work remotely instead of coming into the workplace, to increase the physical distance between employees and others until symptoms are completely resolved.
  • Prepare to maintain operations with a remote workforce for an extended period (i.e. weeks, months). 

Tips for Business Owners

As you prepare your outbreak response plan, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Will all your employees be able to access the files they need to work remotely?
  • Do you have the proper hardware and licensing in place to handle remote connections? (i.e. VPN, SSL VPN, etc.)
  • Do your employees have corporate laptops or home PCs to use to connect to the office?
  • Do you have the ability to print and deliver any necessary documents? (i.e. invoices, proposals, contracts, etc.)
  • Are your productivity applications (i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook email, etc.) installed or available on devices being used to connect remotely? (i.e. corporate laptops, tablets, mobile devices, home PCs, etc.)

Contact us to see if your technology will meet your needs during a pandemic shutdown. We can setup your employees with everything they’ll need to work remotely. Additionally, we are prepared to continue providing IT support through a pandemic disruption, so you’ll never be without us when we’re needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about working remotely during pandemic shutdown, please call us at (914) 934-9775 or contact us at