During an average work day you may find yourself frequently needing to share the location of a file or folder path with coworkers, your boss or even clients. Using a PC, this action is as simple as selecting the item with shift + right-click. On Mac the equivalent action isn’t so simple, however, there is a very simple fix that makes copying a file path even EASIER than on PC! By following the four easy steps outlined below, you can create a “Copy as Path” option that appears in the OS X right-click contextual menu!

How To Create “Copy as Path” Right Click on Mac

  1. Launch Automator and create a new “Service”
  2. Search “Copy to Clipboard” using the search function and drag it to the right-side panel of the Service.
  3. Change “Service receives selected” to “files or folders” and “in” to “Finder”.
  4. Save the Service with the name “Copy as Path”.

That’s it! Now you can go anywhere in Finder and right-click a directory or file in the file system to reveal the “Copy as Path” option in the contextual menu! Selecting that option will automatically copy the selected item path to the clipboard for you to paste anywhere you like.

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