Don’t Waste Money On That New Upgrade!

Let me tell you a scary story. You upgrade your computer network at the advice of your IT technician. You had to do it – they warned you of all the potential failures, cyber-attacks and other hazards that could’ve happened at a moment’s notice if you hadn’t. You start to feel a bit better about your business tech – then one dark and stormy night, you open up… THE BILL!

What if I told you there was a way you could upgrade your computer network without the heavy costs, complexity and problems that come with most IT upgrades? Fortunately for you, we’re here to give your story a happy ending.

There are a multitude of benefits to upgrading your business network. Upgrades serve to eliminate or drastically reduce system crashes, slowness, viruses and other irritating technical problems. Another benefit is disaster recovery, so you’ll never lose data due to a server crash, virus, hardware failure, disgruntled employee or other data-erasing disaster. Lastly, you stand to gain the additional freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Sound expensive? Not to worry. We utilize smart, efficient cloud computing technologies that simplify IT for you and your company while simultaneously freeing you from having to purchase, install and maintain complex, expensive IT systems in-house. We keep the transition simple by offering a free, zero-obligation in-office review of your computer network, backups and technologies. We’ll analyze your current situation and pinpoint key areas where a network upgrade would benefit you the most. Then, we’ll show you a cost-effective plan for upgrading your network to the cloud – no expensive on-site server or installations!

Even if you decide not to move ahead with cloud computing technology, you’ll still have the professional insights of our knowledgeable IT consultants to guide you as you move forward with any future tech decisions.



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