LastPass Vulnerability Left User Credentials Exposed

LastPass recently identified and resolved a security bug that left customer credentials vulnerable to hackers. What happened? A security researcher from Google’s Project Zero discovered a flaw within LastPass’s browser extension for Chrome and Opera that could expose...

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

Learn what a Domain Name System (DNS) is and why DNS protection is an important cyber security measure that keeps hackers from harming your small business.

Textbook Publishing Giant Pearson Suffers Major Data Breach

The textbook publishing giant Pearson has suffered a large-scale data breach impacting over 13,000 school and university accounts. The attack is said to have occurred in November 2018 when the personal information of hundreds of thousands of students were accessed by...

Equifax Settlement For 2017 Data Breach To Exceed $700m

Equifax, a popular credit score agency, has agreed to pay $700m as part of a settlement for a data breach in 2017. The Federal Trade Commission believes Equifax failed to take proactive measures to secure its network. Consequently, 147 million people had their data...

Can You Answer These Questions About Endpoint Protection?

What is Endpoint Protection? Endpoints are vulnerable access points for cyber criminals to enter your network. Once inside, hackers can take control of the device to execute a DoS attack, steal high-value information or hold it for ransom. Traditionally, antivirus has...

Florida Town Pays $500,000 To Hackers After Ransomware Attack

Over the last two weeks, Florida municipalities have paid $1.1m to ransomware hackers. Lake City officials voted to pay hackers in Bitcoin after two weeks of downed computer systems brought daily operations to a standstill. IT staff is said to have disconnected the...

“BlueKeep” Flaw Prompts Microsoft and NSA Advisory For Windows OS

US officials and Microsoft executives have released an advisory that highlights a known flaw in versions of the Windows OS. "All customers on affected operating systems [Windows 7 and earlier] should update as soon as possible," said Microsoft. A flaw known as...

This can happen at work OR at your home…

In a recent incident reported in US news, an office secretary unknowingly gave some of her law firm’s most private data to a gentleman who had bought a Comcast Cable polo shirt off eBay. He dressed in khakis with a tool belt, and told the secretary he was there to...



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