Open sesame! Life is not a fairy tale…your passwords need

Open sesame! Life is not a fairy tale…your passwords need to be stronger than thatYou will agree that having passwords to access your IT devices, networks and data is the first step to securing your business data. However, having passwords is not enough. The passwords...

Fix that lock…and get a spare key! Software updates, security patches

Fix that lock…and get a spare key! Software updates, security patches and data backupsIf the lock to your home’s main door breaks, do you fix it or just let it be? My guess is, you would get a locksmith to fix it for you at the earliest. And, what do you do if you...

SD WAN – What’s up with that?

SD WAN - What’s up with that?So what is this SD-WAN that you have been hearing about? SD-WAN, the acronym for Software Defined Wide Area Network is a new take on the traditional Wide Area Network (WAN). A standard WAN’s goal was to connect users at a branch to a main...

Good fences make for secure data

Good Fences Make for Secure DataInvesting in firewalls, anti-malware and data encryption softwareFirewalls and anti-malware tools can help you by keeping unwanted actors out of your IT network. These tools work by restricting access to only pre authorized users and...

Basic employee security issues that SMBs face

SMB and Some Basic Employee Security IssuesTraining teamsYour employees are your first line of defense. Training is a basic requirement and should be conducted for every employee. This necessitates involving Human Resources so that businesses incorporate cyber...

Two basic routines to protect your data from cybercrime

Cybercrime - Two basic routines to Protect Your DataCybersecurity is certainly not something to be ignored by organizations no matter how big or small they may be in terms of client base, staff or sales revenue. This is because cybercriminals don’t discriminate when...

Managed services may be the way to go for your data security

Why Managed Service may be the way to go for your data securitySince effective cybersecurity should be a proactive effort, not reactive, this means that SMBs tend to overlook the entire issue as something that can be pushed forward into the future.One way to get...

Why cybersecurity shouldn’t be taken lightly

Why Cybersecurity shouldn’t be taken lightlyLet’s start with a “fun fact”: In 1981, the first cybercriminal was convicted of hacking into the AT&T network and altering its internal clock so it charged off-hour rates at peak times. So, it turns out that cybercrime is...

You can lose more in a cyber attack than you can imagine

You can lose more in a cyber attack than you can imagineOne of the errors many smaller firms make--and some larger ones--is that they really don’t understand the broad-reaching effects of a cyber attack. If someone breaks into your home and steals a laptop, you may...

What SMBs need to understand about cybersecurity

Think you are too small to be a cyber attack victim? Think again!A recent study pointed out that SMBs are increasingly becoming targets of cybercriminals because their cybersecurity measures aren’t as strong, sophisticated, or effective as those of large companies....



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