Audits and Evaluations

Audits and evaluations are for any company that wants to know the current state of their business technology; an audit can reveal ways to improve the efficiency of a business network, where money can be saved by optimizing hardware and software, and vulnerabilities that can be resolved before they cause any damage to the network.

Performance Connectivity will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current system and identify vulnerabilities within your network. Based on our analysis, we’ll recommend the upgrades and transitions that make the most sense for your individual business needs. All of our evaluations and audits are performed by knowledgeable IT engineers who have experience working with everything from personal computers to high-end corporate servers.

Unlike other IT support companies, we’ll never recommend unnecessary solutions or measures for the sake of running up the bill. Our goal is to see your business successfully operate using reliable technology that meets the needs of you and your employees.

Additionally, we will continually monitor your systems to ensure optimal efficiency and speed. We’ll also proactively safeguard your network against risky activity and unauthorized connections, while encrypting and performing regular backups of your data.

Here are just some of the ways our tech consultants can benefit your company with an audit or evaluation:

  • Diagnose any business network problem you are experiencing.
  • Analyze your business network security for cyberattack and malware vulnerabilities.
  • Scan for spyware on current technological devices.
  • Assess the viability of current network backup systems.
  • Review server logs and detect underlying critical issues.
  • Provide professional insight on a project or upgrade you are considering.
  • Act as a second opinion on a quote you received from another IT Support Provider.
  • Discuss any concerns you have regarding your current business network.

Are you ready to improve your business technology?

We’re ready to create effective IT solutions that meet the needs of your business. To get started, just ask our experts how we can help improve your business technology.

Don’t worry, there’s no commitment necessary – we provide the quality service we’d like to receive ourselves. When you reach out to us for help, we’ll take the time to discuss your current situation and help you make smart decisions as you move forward with your business tech. Let’s get started today!


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