Providing quality IT support since 1997.

Performance Connectivity Inc., a.k.a. PCI, provides professional IT services to small and mid-sized businesses within the tristate area. We offer comprehensive managed services that facilitate the daily operations of hundreds of businesses within Westchester County, New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

PCI began in 1997 as the brainchild of three professional IT consultants with a fresh approach to business-level IT support. After spending years correcting the shortcomings of other IT service providers, they envisioned a company that would transcend the accepted standards of service.  This vision became the cornerstone of our organization, and continues to inform our business practices today.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on PCI for their IT support services:


  • Our IT engineers are business technology experts.
    We have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively manage the technical side of your business.
  • “Prevention” is one of our favorite words.
    We believe strongly in taking precautionary measures to avoid problems before they arise. Our disaster recovery solutions offer effective protection against data loss and corruption.
  • We understand the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses.
    We see the real people behind every business, and have personally experienced the specific challenges that can arise when trying to scale technology for growth and continued success.
  • Your time and budget matter to us.
    Our goal is to help drive your success by offering quality products and services that will foster productivity and give you the best ROI.
  • We’re mindful of your long-term success.
    We follow the latest trends in industry and technology, offering several remote options to accommodate the dynamic work-style of today’s workforce.


Our services encompass the most important facets of business technology: protection, support, security, and mobilization everything you need to optimize productivity and maintain business continuity.

We offer several remote managed services that will safeguard your business network against malicious cyber attacks and unexpected data loss. These measures include comprehensive cyber security and disaster recovery solutions, so we can prevent problems before they occur. To further maximize productivity, we also provide proactive monitoring and helpdesk support by experienced IT engineers, so you receive fast, effective help when you need it – now.

We understand that some IT management companies place profits before clients. At PCI, we refuse to compromise the success of our clients for personal gain. Our technicians will only ever recommend upgrades that offer practical benefits for your business. The hardware and software we offer are selected with respect to your budget and individual needs, so you get the best ROI on your purchases.

Being different from the “computer guys down the road” remains the driving factor behind our success. Our mission to offer top-tier tech service has set us apart from all other local business IT services. We’ve built relationships that last by delivering reliable and honest tech support when our clients need us. Although technology has changed over the years, our focus on providing quality IT support has never wavered.


Performance Connectivity Inc.

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