Technology is an inextricable part of business in today’s world. The best businesses stay at the forefront of tech and are mindful of the important role it plays in their daily operations and overall success. To do right by your business, accept these following 7 truths about technology in the workplace and use them to your advantage!

1. As businesses depend more heavily on technology, customer service experiences become more and more important.

Oftentimes, people assume that technology is used to avoid human-to-human interactions, and as a result they are becoming less important to the consumer. Contrary to that belief, customer service is shown to be growing increasingly more important as technology becomes a bigger part of consumption and commerce. When most aspects of a transaction automated, direct contact with a representative of the company can have more power to shape the consumer’s view of the business. These customer service interactions leaving a lasting impression of the business that can greatly impact return rates and overall customer satisfaction. In fact, 60% of customers were found to have stopped an intended purchase due to poor customer service response.

2. The need for security expands with technology.

The heavy reliance of the business sector on technology necessitates increased security to protect sensitive information like financial data from devastating breaches. There has been a notable increase in the amount of cyber-crimes targeting businesses, particularly small businesses that typically invest less money in security measures and precautions. It cannot be emphasized enough – it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to invest in cyber security for your business with a responsible, knowledgeable IT support company.

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3. Technology should consistently make work processes easier and more efficient.

Your technology should not be the thing holding back your business. If you experience consistent slowness or downtime, something is wrong and you need a professional to assess your system and resolve the problem. Don’t try to save money by cutting corners on this; an improperly setup network could potentially leave you exposed to hackers or lose your critical data!

4. Establishing a three to five-year budget for technology is a MUST.

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. For your business to remain competitive, safe and effective you’ll need to regularly invest in upgrades and maintenance. The best way to do this is to budget for an experienced IT support company to oversee your business network. They will make sure your technology is up to date and that your data is protected and stored properly. The key word is experienced. Don’t trust just any company you find with your network! Make sure you vet your IT support company for quality and experience before giving them access to your sensitive data.

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5. Technology can help keep your business in customers’ minds.

It’s the age of social media, and it’s time to take advantage of it! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – each platform is a way for you to remind your customers that you’re there for them with services they need. Most of these platforms will run ads for your business relatively inexpensively and give you control over your message and brand. And lest we forget, email marketing is still extremely useful for engaging with customers through announcements, blogs, sales and other promotions. These tools are virtually free and take little time to setup. You can even hire a social media or digital media marketing specialist to market your business on these platforms for you.

6. Consider virtualizing your workforce.

The days when the office reigned king are over. Employers are now embracing mobilization and the fluidity with which employees can work from anywhere, anytime thanks to technology. The reason is simple – allowing employees to work from home saves money, improves morale and increases productivity. With mobile phones, tablets and virtual desktops, the office can be anywhere you need it to be. Collaboration is seamless and allows teams all around the world to work together to accomplish tasks and projects, with files readily available in their latest format at any time of day.

7. Big data can help you identify at risk customers.

Much of market research has been automated with the introduction of technology to the marketplace. Programs now exist that will evaluate customer satisfaction levels and alert you to customers that are unhappy, allowing you to address the situation BEFORE the client looks elsewhere. Better yet, you can also identify customers that are discussing relevant issues across social media platforms and target your marketing to them, helping you pitch your products and services to your competitor’s unhappy customers!

We’re sure you’ll see improvements in your business operations by implementing these truths into your business practices. If you need help with any of the 7 steps above, call 914-934-9775 or email us at and ask our representative how PCI can help you improve your business technology today!