Can You Answer These 3 Questions About Endpoint Protection?

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoints are vulnerable access points for cyber criminals to enter your network. Once inside, hackers can take control of the device to execute a DoS attack, steal high-value information or hold it for ransom.

Traditionally, antivirus has been used to secure endpoints. Antivirus blocks access to the network via the endpoint, preventing hackers from wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, and now know how to overcome traditional antivirus.

Additional protections like VPNs can protect your business from modern threats, along with antivirus and anti-malware software, and vigilant network oversight. An IT managed service provider (IT MSP) can implement and monitor these features to ensure your network is protected. If an attack occurs, your IT MSP can address the issue immediately before any damage is caused. If damage does occur before the attack is stopped, your IT MSP will have a real-time backup of your data, minimizing your losses.

What is an endpoint?

An endpoint is a computing device that communicates back and forth with the network it’s connected to. A desktop, laptop, server, workstation, tablet or modem are all examples of endpoints. Basically, an endpoint is any device that is on the periphery of the network. Users connect to the central network using an endpoint.

Why do I need endpoint protection for my business?

Let’s say you owned a jewelry store full of valuables. How might you try and protect it? You’d install security cameras or hire a doorman, right? Your network is no different.

Your data is valuable, and given the opportunity there are many people who would try and steal it. Endpoint protection is like a doorman that monitors who comes and goes on your network. The IT MSP is like the security camera that oversees everything happening on the network. If a thief tries to access your data, the endpoint protection will intercept them and alert the IT MSP. The IT MSP can then ensure the attack is stopped and that your data is safe and sound. Without these protections in place, your data could be leaked to the dark web or publicly published, held for ransom or exploited for money. The consequences can be financially devastating and may even shutter your business altogether.

That being the case, it’s worth it to invest in a knowledgeable IT MSP who can choose the right endpoint protection and backup system for your company. Remember, it always pays to be protected!



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